Latest News

  • 11/15/07
    My addon made it into the Tips section of the Fall 2007 Logitech Gaming Source Newsletter!  If you're looking for G15 TeamSpeak, here you go!

  • 03/08/06
    I have updated to a different forum software, which means if you are one of the handful of people who had already created users on the system, you will need to recreate them.  I manually copied the posts over.  Please email me if you have any problems with the forum!
  • 03/03/06
    I have just added a forum to the site, primarily to help with support of my G15 TeamSpeak mod.  Feel free to create a user and post away.
  • 02/01/06
    Not website related, but I finally got my car striped, so lookie here if you're interested.

    I've now broken 10,000 hits on my site as a result of writing the G15_TeamSpeak addon.  I'm gotten about 2,000 downloads just in the last two weeks, which is somewhat daunting.  Thanks to all my users!
  • 11/12/05
    G15 TeamSpeak is now available.  It is an addon for the Logitech G15 keyboard that displays the current user, channel and a list of who is currently talking on the G15 LCD.
  • 05/31/05 G15 LCD.
  • 05/31/05
    In an amazing turn of events, Dan actually updated his web page (6 months late), and started putting it back together.  No new content, very little in the way of a visual change, but underneath it all, my web space is organized better.  Oh, and there are pictures of my car on the photos page now!
  • 11/07/04 will soon be up. Check it out when you have time. I'm also giving Dreamweaver a try as my site editor of choice. If you have any tips or suggestions, just let me know.
  • 10/16/04
    Lookie, an update.  Yet, only an update for the sake of updating.  I haven't been keeping up with my Weblog much either, but more than this, at least.  I have added a new (official) Windows XP theme to the Software & Files section, so grab it, it looks nifty.  No cracks required to install it, either, since it was made by M$.
  • 03/26/04
    Nothing much has changed lately on the site, but suggestions are welcome!  If you want frequent updates, read the blog.
  • 02/14/04
    It snowed last night and photos have been added in a "Snowfall" gallery.  Also, if you decide you want web space from 1and1 like mine (and I'm really happy with mine) then sign up here.  Shared hosting like mine is $5/mo.
  • 01/26/04
    I have redone the entire photos section using Gallery which is a freeware PHP-based app.  It's really nifty and very easy to use, as well as being much more slick than the FrontPage gallery crap.  Since it's so easy, I added the entire set of ~200 photos I took in Japan.  Enjoy!
  • 01/17/04
    Now I have a blog.  Hopefully it will serve less as a diary (despite the fact that it is posted on LJ) and more as a personal editorial page on whatever random thing I feel compelled to discuss today.  So click on Un-blog and be prepared to read extremely long-winded discussions of totally random things.
    A guestbook has also been added, so please leave a message/comment/complaint/whatever!
  • 01/12/04
    I apologize for it having been so long since the last update, but who reads this page anyways?
    I think the latest change is the addition of the A&M Graduation gallery... check it out if you're interested.
  • 12/14/03
    Moving in to my new apartment (over the next week or two) so updates will be even more sporadic than usual.  There are lots of pictures of the empty apartment in the photos section.
  • 12/09/03
    EE405 Demo Day gallery added & more pictures added of the Tele-Mon (EE405 Senior Design project)
    I ditched the slideshow picture view and switched to "collage."  I think it's a positive change, what do you think?
  • 12/04/03
    Comments are also welcome on the new logo on the front page of this site
  • 12/03/03
    Let me know what you think of the thin borders on the edges of the site that have been added.  Should I keep them or ditch them?  Email.
  • 11/16/03
    Site layout changed again, this time with the Fight Club font!  I also added the linkage and projects sections.
  • 11/14/03
    Site layout changed, suggestions welcome.
  • 11/11/03
    I finally bought, hurrah!  I also got 3 years of free web space from 1&1.  Give them a try!  It's legit, and the 3 years of free service deal will be around until January 21st [updated].